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Minimize your manual workload on project documentation

Finally! A Document Control Solution for OEM's, Fabricators and Suppliers of Process Control Equipment Have you worked hours on a project document submission for an engineering company only to have it rejected?

Are you getting lost in piles of excel sheets trying to track and maintain all the documentation for a key project?

We can help. DocBoss eliminates the manual work required when managing and submitting documents to Engineering Companies.

Stop wasting time and start using DocBoss to manage your projects
"Since we started using DocBoss, I am confident that KROHNE can now accurately track all documents and better meet customer expectations." Joe Incontri,
Director of Marketing for the Americas, KROHNE
"I would not have purchased DocBoss if my company did not see a benefit to using it in their work. It had to help us deliver value to our customers ... and it does that. DocBoss appears to be a good fit for our business." Amanda Christie,
Lead Document Controller, Tundra


  • Works for both large and small projects
  • Dynamically builds and manages the document register for every project
  • Ensures compliance with customer submission specifications
  • Appends customer cover sheets to every outgoing document including headers, footers and tag lists
  • Supports customer defined document numbering
  • Tracks approval status, location, transmittal history and due dates
  • Supports document routing and workflow
  • Creates manufacturing record books with a few clicks

Special deliverables for:

Process Control Suppliers
  • Tag list creation for every front sheet, every document
  • Handle change orders – automatically update the document register when customer adds/removes/changes tags
  • Document expedite requests to manage sub-suppliers
  • Quote module available to drive revenue and help manage customer expectations
ETO / Fabricators
  • Full MTR management (with option to package and submit MTRs by drawing)
  • Document workflow stages (issue purpose) and approval/review routing
  • Create construction packages
  • Track and expedite sub-supplier documentation
  • Easily duplicate orders, including document registers
  • Create standard document deliverables, and record book formats for any/all orders
  • Re-use standard documents from the DocBoss library